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Empowered mothers & empowered daughters

Helping mothers and teen girls
handle stress, anxiety and body-image issues

and find and pursue their dreams, passions, worth and success  

Fill the path of life with JOY!
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Hatha yoga, Yin Yoga and Dance yoga  

Yoga Psychology 

Breathe to Heal 

Pilates on mat and on Reformers

Laughter yoga 


Embody Love Movement®

Fitness and dance  


Jana is a regular participant and lecturer at national and international  workshops, seminars and conferences with body & mind focus including physiotherapy, yoga, meditation, dance, therapeutical breath-work etc.

She is co-operating with the Czech National Institute of Mental health on a national project  improving social-emotional learning in Czech schools.

Jana Kyriakou

Founder of Be Well Institute 

I’m a constant body, mind and life student with the hip-hop groove of Beyonce!

I'm a mother of a teenage girl and boy who are my greatest life teachers. Watching and helping my children grow into independent and awesome people is so exciting and also challenging. I laugh, I cry, I worry, I'm full of pride. 

I'm also grateful I had the chance to study, practice and teach mindful practices for over 20 years. These body and mind tools helped me not only to handle my life and parenting, but to genuinely enjoy it. They make a difference in the life of my own teenage children and my clients too.

Professionally I helped hundreds of children, teens, adults and seniors to feel home in their body, to befriend their mind and to fulfil their life potential.


I also encourage people to laugh more often and to dance and swing their hips as if no one is watching! Life can be full of JOY!

I'm passionate about supporting mothers and teenage girls in this exciting, yet challenging time of their life. I know the challenges and I can help.


Hire me for workshop, speaking, individual coaching.

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They said about us

In the past two years, I have been blessed to find Jana on my path. With her, I discovered another kind of yoga: one of laughter, of fun, of calm, of strength. I always come out of my yoga session strong, empowered and inspired. Not only am I learning a lot through Jana's wise words, but also through her attitude. She is a real ray of light and a daily reminder to stay positive and that it is ok to be just the way we are. "We all have a yoga body", she says. She means it. And I came to believe it. I truly love being around Jana. Lucky is the one who gets to enjoy her classes.

Marie-Pierre C.



I enjoyed attending Jana’s holistic movement classes for many years. She helped me become more conscious and self aware and to better appreciate my own body. I loved the atmosphere she created among the students through her easy demeanor and fun attitude. I always enjoyed myself greatly!  

She was also remarkable as the teacher of youth dance class for my daughter. She was a brilliant role model and instilled a positive self image and leadership in her and all the girls she taught. 

Jana’s work has deeply affected our family in many ways. I’m so thankful and forever grateful. 

Carolyn K.



Jana Kyriakou


Tel: 00420 - 724 881 555

Prague, Czech Republic

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