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You are already an awesome mother! 

Note from Jana

Of course mothers care about their daughter's health and wellbeing. We care because we love them and because we are great mothers. We don't give ourselves enough credit, yet we are doing a wonderful job already! Being a mother of a teenage girl is a challenge. We secretly wish that our daughters always listen to us, take and immediately implement our advice. We wish we never need to fight with her. Basically we wish she knew what we know. And we search for a quick and simple manual how to do it.

Well, we do have quick and simple tools for you. And I'm sure you know in the bottom of your heart these two truths: 

  1. there is no pill for wellbeing and happiness

  2. to help others we need to start with ourselves

Good news is that you are not alone, we are here to support you and guide you.

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