© 2016 by Jana Kyriakou, photos by Adela Jezkova and Anna Mogilnicka

Yoga & Mindfulness Fundraiser, 16th October, 10.00 - 12.00 a.m.

October 1, 2019

Join me to move, stretch, relax and enjoy a mindful cup of tea - while supporting a great cause.




This is a fundraiser event benefiting two non-profit organisations who are very close to my heart - supporting people suffering from stress, anxiety, low self-respect, negative body-image and social injustice. 


All proceeds will go to:

1.   EMBODY LOVE MOVEMENT © www.embodylovemovement.org

2.   MINDFULNESS CLUB   www.mindfulnessclub.cz


I'm proud to be part of these organisations, which help individuals through education, self-development and community. Through them I offer meaningful service to as many people as possible. 


Your generous contributions will allow Embody Love Movement & Mindfulness Club to reach out to communities in need and support those in difficult life situations who are unable to pay for receiving their services. You can find more details  about their great work on the second page.


Suggested contribution: 600,- Kc. 

…but you can donate less, or more, as you wish.


The 2 hour event will include a combination of:

  • hatha yoga 

  • mindful pilates

  • mindfulness meditation

  • final tea ritual 


The 2 hour session will be lead in English and is suitable for any level of physical skill or meditation experience. 


When: Wednesday 16th October, 10.00am - 12.00noon.

Where: www.palaviznertennis.cz, Suttnerove 2, Praha 6

How: Registration at: janakyriakou@bewellinstitute.com 


Spaces are limited. 



Thank you for your contribution to meaningful change in the world! 




All proceeds from this event will go to:


1. EMBODY LOVE MOVEMENT© is an international non-profit organisation that supports women and young girls struggling with body-image issues, low self-respect, eating disorders, self-harm. 

  • It inspires and empowers women and girls to find their self-worth, to love their body and to use their energy for a meaningful change in the society and in the world. 

  • Learn more about their work at www.embodylovemovement.org


  • Embody Love Movement is offering a FREE on-line conference: "One Love Fits All”

  • This online conference will include inspiring talks about body-positivity, self-compassion, social justice, social privileges - and more.  

  • You can sign up to this on-line conference for free here: 


  • https://www.embodylovemovement.org/one-love-fits-alltrade.html




2. MINDFULNESS CLUB is a non-profit organisation in Czech Republic. 

  • Our mission is to offer easy access to mindfulness and self-compassion skills while building and connecting the community interested in mindfulness. 

  • We offer free events to wide public, as well as paid workshops, intensive courses and retreats. 

  • You can check all events here: www.mindfulnessclub.cz











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