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Stress management

  • first of all stress is a normal and useful part of our life, it's an evolutionary programmed response of our organism that can save our life

  • stress response of our nervous system can prevent us from running under a car or burning our hand on a stove

  • stressing over our children's wellbeing means we care, we love

  • when our teenagers stress about school achievements or their social life - it means they care! So let's acknowledge that! Instead of demeaning the importance of what they care about. For them in their stage of life it's really important

  • overly catastrophizing scenarios and worrying thoughts are also normal results of our complicated mind 

  • but we can learn not to get overwhelmed by it and by the unhealthy effects of chronic worrying and chronic stress

  • evidence based practices like yoga or mindfulness can help us befriend our mind

Try this with your daughter - remember to practice with her

1. Breathing exercise: medical studies have proved that extended exhalation switches the nervous system from stressing out mode (sympathetic) to calming down mode (parasympathicus):

  • breathe in through the nose, breath out through the mouth 

  • breathe in through the nose count 1, 2 - breathe out through the nose count 1,2,3,4

2. Movement: researchers also agree on the fact that mental stress is being stored in the physical body as tension or blocks. By movement  we can release the stress from our body and mind:

  • play her favourite song and dance and shake

  • go together for a run 

  • try yoga or gentle stretching exercises

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